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Interesting Facts About Your Pregnancy Period

Interesting Facts About Your Pregnancy Period

A woman`s body is an incredible thing. Did you know the uterus enlarges up to 500 times its normal size? Once you have delivered it gladually goes back to its original size and weight.

Your Heart Grows

Yes it grows with love for your child, but did you know your heart organ actually enlarges while you are pregnant? It works harder and beats at a more rapid pace due to the increased volume of blood in your body. Your blood volume alone increases by 40-50%!

In order to prepare your body for birth, it produces a hormone called relaxin which softens your ligaments. This softening helps your baby pass through your pelvis during labour.

Hair Feels Fuller

People say that your hair gets thicker when you are pregnant, while that isn’t technically the truth, it is fuller and more abundant then usual. Higher levels of estrogen during your pregnancy prevents your hair from shedding at it’s normal rate. This results in fuller hair and the dreaded hair loss after pregnancy. You notice more hair falling out postpartum because so little was shed during pregnancy.

Your Sense Of Smell Gets Stronger

My sense of smell was so sensitive during my pregnancies, my husband was convinced I had super powers. Although I wish I had such magic, my heightened sense of smell was due to the high levels of estrogen and human chorionic gonadotropin

Tall Mamas More Likely To Conceive Twins

According to a study put together in 2006 

Cravings Can Mean Something More

Classic pregnancy combos like pickles with ice cream are an unknown phenomena. No one really knows why moms get these types of strange cravings, however ice, dirt and salt cravings usually mean that your body is lacking in a certain nutrient.

Baby Gets NutrientsBefore Mama

During your pregnancy, the nutrients from the food you eat goes to your baby first before it passes over to you. Even if you skip a meal your body will take the nutrience from you to keep baby healthy. This is just one of the reasons why it is so important to eat regularly and healthily!

Dad's Pregnancy Symptoms

Jokes have been made and the term ‘sympathy weight’ has been passed around, but did you know that some dads experience symptoms along with their wives? It’s called couvade syndrome and has been documented in dads around the world who experienced pregnancy symptoms from the end of the first trimester all the way to the end.

Make sure you buy two tubs of ice cream during your next grocery run!

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