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Stimulating Your Baby's Senses: Taste

Stimulating Your Baby's Senses: Taste

Your baby uses her mouth and her sense of taste as a way of exploring, learning and making sense of food and the world around her. Here are 12 ways you can stimulate her tastebuds.

Sense of taste begins early

When you are just nine weeks pregnant, your baby already has tastebuds. Later on, she may prefer the foods she was exposed to before she was born.

Born with a sweet tooth

Your newborn can recognise sweet and sour tastes, but prefers sweet. This is one reason why she loves the taste of your breastmilk.

Exploring by mouth

Your baby uses her mouth for more than just tasting. It's very sensitive, so she uses it to get to know different textures.

Tastebuds develop

At around five months, your baby’s sense of taste has changed. It's still too soon for solid foods but her tastebuds have now developed enough to detect salt.

Plain foods first

When you first start introducing foods, sweet vegetables such as carrots or sweet potato may appeal to your baby's love of sweet tastes.

Keep trying

Sometimes your baby may love a new food straight away. On other occasions you may need to keep trying the same food before she begins to like it.

Variety is key

Giving your baby lots of different foods to try, with various tastes and textures, may help her enjoy a variety of foods as she get older.

Breastfeeding and variety

How long you breastfeed could also affect the variety of food your baby will eat by the time she’s two years old. There's more variety in the taste of breastmilk than formula milk so it could make her more open to eating different foods as she gets older.

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