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10 Amazing Facts about Your Newborn

10 Amazing Facts about Your Newborn

1.His smell is addictive

For you, anyway. A University of Montreal study looked at the brains of 15 new mums and found the smell of a newborn brought out the same pleasure and sense of craving that food does when we’re hungry.

2. That hair may fall out

Your little one may have a shock of black hair now – but it won’t necessarily stay that way. It can fall out altogether in the first few weeks, then grow back over the next year, or go from straight to curly in months.

3. The magic number is…

20-38cm. Your baby has blurry vision when it comes to things in the distance, but can pick up objects within this range. Especially your face if it’s close enough.

4. He has loads of reflexes

Around 70 of them. These are primitive and down to evolution, including things like sucking and stepping – if you support your baby upright with his feet on a flat surface, his legs will work with a stepping motion. He obviously can’t walk now but may be born with a knowledge of how to for when he’s older.

5. He is seriously sleepy

In fact, at first he’ll only really be alert for around three minutes in every hour during the day, and even less at night.

6. But he can be jumpy

This is your baby’s startle (Moro) reflex. He’s born with it – a natural response to a loud noise, movement or feeling of falling. Thought of as a protective mechanism, it makes him fling his arms up and out, open his fists wide and draw his knees up, before going back to how he was in seconds. This reflex tends to ease by six months. 

7. He’s very boob curious

A research team discovered that if a newborn is left on his mother’s chest after birth, he’ll eventually crawl up and find her breast to feed, guided by her smell. Incredible, right? He also has a Rooting reflex – if you stroke his cheek, he’ll turn in that direction with his mouth open ready to feed.

8. He knows your pregnancy playlist

Babies recognise songs they hear in the womb for up to four months after birth, according to University of Helsinki research. In fact, you might even find all that Beyoncé helps soothe him now.

9. There are 300 parts to his skeleton

Mainly made up of cartilage, which turns into bone over time. As he grows, some of his bones fuse together, leaving him with 206 by the time he’s a grown-up.

10. He influences your heart rate

That was a discovery made by a team at an Israeli university, which found that when a mum and newborn faced and looked each other in the eye, their heart rates co-ordinated in seconds.

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