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Interesting Facts about Babies that You Are Not Aware of

Interesting Facts about Babies that You Are Not Aware of

Every parent thinks that their child is special, and they're absolutely right, but did you know that the little tykes posses pretty unique talents and attributes even before they're born? They have amazing skills that benefit them and their are some amazing facts about babies.

1. If you lay a newbornbaby on a mother's stomach, it will crawl up and attach to the mother's nipple because it has a similar smell to amniotic fluid. This is also why babies suck on their fingers -- they usually have amniotic residue on them right after they're born

2. Babies and their mothers can exchange DNA while the baby is in the womb. The cells can live in the mother for years.

3. A mother feels compelled to kiss her baby because she will ingest any bacteria/viruses on the baby’s skin, thus creating antibodies that go into her breast milk. They will protect the baby from possible infection.

4. While babies are in the womb, they grow mustaches and body hair. They shed those hairs right before birth and eat them, then the hairs become part of the baby's first poop!

5. Babies cry in different accents. They learn the accent that their mother speaks and try to imitate it when they cry. This makes it possible to tell a German baby from a French one or even an American baby.

6. Newborns can only see in black and white for the first few months of their lives. This is because their vision isn't fully developed yet. They also can only see about a foot in front of their face. The first color they are able to distinguish besides black, white, or gray is red.

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