Baby and Child Bed Coconut and Foam Two Parts Mattress ECO 2 180х70 cm

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Baby and child bed coconut and polyurethane foam two parts mattress "ECO 2" (180/70 cm) is perfect healthy choice for your loved one. Two coconut fiber layers of this baby and child bed mattress ease the air circulation, their thickness ensures the necessary surface hardness and their natural origin prevents from microorganisms. As the baby and child mattress consists of two parts, you can separate them and use the first bigger part for a smaller bed (for example in the swing of a convertible bed) and the second part could be added to the first part when you use the mattress in a bigger junior bed. You can review the economy pack of baby and child bed mattress with one coconut layer, as well as a baby and child bed mattress in smaller size. All baby and child bed mattresses are of perfect quality.

The upholstery of the baby and child mattress has a zipper which makes possible to easily remove it, if necessary. 

Please note, that the upholstery colour on the image is sample.

Mattress size:

- Full mattress size: 180 cm X 70 cm;

- First bigger part size: 130 cm X 70 cm;

- Second additional part size: 50 cm X 70 cm.

Mattress height: 10 cm


FIXED PRICE IF SENT AS SEPARATE ITEM: around £35/ 35 EUR/ $35 (depending on daily currency rate)

Made in: Bulgaria
Made of: mattress: two natural coconut fibre layers sticked with silicon and stretchy water based penopolyurethane layer in between; upholstery: 100% Cotton textile, silicon polyester eco wadding, Spunbond textile

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