Privacy Policy


1. What type of information we gather

We accumulate, process and store your personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation.

We will require will name, address, telephone, credit/debit card details when you register and order with us. 

We store your personal data based on your consent given through your agreement with these general Terms and Conditions during the checkout process.

2. How we use your personal details:

-          To process your order, to ship your products, to process your payments, and if needed to replace your product; 

-          To communicate with you regarding your order and its delivery;

-          If you contact us, we can preserve personal details as a record for our communication;

-           We do not distribure your personal data to third parties under no circumstances.

3. Registering as a user and privacy policy 

Our clients are divided into two groups: registered and unregistered (guests).

The registered clients submit their personal details upon registering in our site.
According to the legislation the registered users has the right to access or change their personal details and to require from us to delete their user account. 

We do not distribute your personal details to third parties in any case, unless it is required by authorities and according to the legislation. 

We are registered as privacy data administrator according to the legislation.

3. How we store and protect your personal data

Our website is located on servers based in data center of high authority hosting company. All personal data gathered during the checkout process of a guest or registered client is stored and protected by our hosting provider through protected databases.

Any personal profile of a guest or a registered user could be deleted by us on demand by the client.

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