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Terms and conditions

I. Shopping terms and conditions

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III. Privacy policy




1. Ordering baby/children furniture from ''Furniture'' category 

You can order bed, dresser or wardrobe for your baby`s room. You can create your own combination of colours and we will manufacture the required product according to your preferences. The product will be manufactured withing 12-14 working days and will be shipped to the required address. 

2. Orders

2. 1. Ordering maternity clothes, accessories 

After finishing your order you will receive a confirmation e-mail. When we ship to your address, we will send you information e-mail. If you have any questions, please let us know, using our contact details. 

2.2. Products availability 

All products in this website are in stock by default. We will inform you as soon as possible, if we find that a product ordered by you is out of stock and your order will be canceled, or the missing product will be deducted from your order. 

 3. Pricing

All products are priced in the relevant currency and are VAT included. The price stated for each product does not include the shipping costs. Shipping cost is calculated upon your checkout or they are stated in the description of the product. 

 4.Payment methods

You can use your PayPal account to make your payments.


 1. Percentage discount (i.e. 20% discount of the price)

1.1. This discount makes possible to save the amount of money stated in the discount. The discount is applied only to promo items. 

1.2. The discount is valid only during the promo period stated. 

1.3. The special offer could be changed or withdrawn at any time, if we decide so and according to the Bulgarian legislation. 

 2. Buy one, get one free/ half price 

2.1. This offer makes possible to buy one product and to get another one for free or half price for a single order. 

2.2. If not stated otherwise, this offer is applicable only to orders that are not already discounted and to specific promo items. 

2.3. The offer is valid only during the promotional period stated. 

2.4. Refund in case of return of such promo items is possible only when both products are returned together with payment proof. The conditions in section Returns should be observed. 

Refund without observing the terms stated above is not possible. The free/half price item cannot be returned as a single item but only could be replaced in case of defect that is not caused by us. The replace could be with a similar product or a cheaper product. 

2.5. The special offer could be changed or withdrawn at any time, if we decide so and according to the Bulgarian legislation.  

 3. Discount for buying a pack of products (i.e. buy a pack of three at a price of 10 GBP)

3.1. The offer is applicable to specific products and depends on the availability. If you don`t buy enough quantity of items to cover the requirements of the offer, then the products will be calculated according to their regular price per item.


1. We believe that you will be happy with all our products, but if you are unhappy, you can return the products following the terms and conditions stated below. 

2. For furniture- each client may wish to cancel order through contacting us not later than 48 hours after the order is made. You will be required to provide your personal details related to that order. If you wish to return product after it is already delivered to your address,  you can inform us about your decision not later than 14 days after the delivery. The shipping costs are on behalf of the client. The returned item will be carefully reviewed by our employees for any damages and a written statement will be issued. If the product corresponds to the return terms and conditions, we will refund you in 7 working days. 

3. Our furniture has 1 year guarantee. This guarantee is not valid in case that the problem/defect is caused in the process of installation or exploitation by the client. The return shipping costs are on behalf of the client. When making a refund the seller has the right to keep 50% of the product price as it is produced in specific colours chosen by client and thus is non-selling to another regular customer. 

Please be aware also about the conditions stated below:

4. For clothes, accessories and furniture- we especially review our products before shipping, but if you report a manufacture defect, ONLY in this case the shipping costs for the return/replacement will be paid by us. 

5. Shipping costs in all other cases are paid by the client. In case of replacement, the transportation costs in both directions are paid by client. 

6. In case of return, you are responsible for the product during its shipping and delivery to us. 

7. According to the legislation the client could claim a return in the following cases: defects, inconsistencies in sizes, inconsistencies in brands. 

8. In 14 days period starting from the date of order delivery the client has the right to return or replace it, only if the products are in its original condition which means: 

- Original undamaged and attached to the product tag;

- Good commercial condition (the item is not damaged, broken, scratched, worn, washed, ironed);

- There are no damages caused by inappropriate use;

- Lack of fragrances, including perfumes or spots caused by trying on or wearing the product;

- Preserved original pack, consumables or accessories, if any. 



1. Refund will take place upon product return, using the same payment method as the purchase or using other convenient method, agreed with client. This will happen, only when we make sure that the return conditions stated above are available. In case of replacement the same return conditions should be observed. 

2. We advise you to return the products in a way stating that they are returned in the 14 working day period. We are not responsible, if the products are lost or damaged during their shipping back. 

3. For furniture: when making a refund the seller has the right to keep 20% of the product price as it is produced in specific colours chosen by client and thus is non-selling to another regular customer

4. It is client`s responsibility to choose the best option to ship back the product. 


1. Product colour

We always try to present accurately the colour of each product. But the colour you see always varies according to your monitor settings, so we cannot guarantee that the product you will receive will have exactly the same colour as the one you ordered, based on the screen settings. 

2. Registering as a user and privacy policy 

Our clients are divided into two groups: registered and unregistered (guests).

The registered clients submit their personal details upon registering in our site.
According to the legislation, the registered users has the right to access or change their personal details and to require from us to delete their user account. We accumulate and process your personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation.

We do not distribute your personal details to third parties in any case, unless it is required by authorities and according to the legislation. 

We are registered as privacy data administrator according to the legislation.

3. Our right to emend the current terms and conditions

We have the right to change the current terms and conditions at any time without advance notice and the emended terms will be published in this page. You will be an object of the updated terms and conditions at the moment of making your order. 



1. General conditions

Please read carefully the terms and conditions for using this site. Each user that browse this website is considered to accept and agree with the current conditions. 

2. Your personal details

When you order with us, it will be necessary to submit your personal details and provide us with them for ordering and shipping purposes. The personal details must be accurate, as you do not use other name without permission. We process your personal details according to the legislation. 

3.Working hours

You can make orders in this site 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
Working hours for telephone orders and queries: Monday- Friday, 7AM – 3PM (UK time).
All orders made during the weekend are processed in the first working day. 


1. What type of information we gather

We accumulate, process and store your personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation.

We will require will name, address, telephone, credit/debit card details when you register and order with us. 

We store your personal data based on your consent given through your agreement with these general Terms and Conditions during the checkout process.

2. How we use your personal details:

-          To process your order, to ship your products, to process your payments, and if needed to replace your product; 

-          To communicate with you regarding your order and its delivery;

-          If you contact us, we can preserve personal details as a record for our communication;

-           We do not distribure your personal data to third parties under no circumstances.

3. How we store and protect your personal data

Our website is located on servers based in data center of high authority hosting company. All personal data gathered during the checkout process of a guest or registered client is stored and protected by our hosting provider through protected databases.

 Any personal profile of a guest or a registered user could be deleted by us on demand by the client.


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